''The Funky Fidelma show was full of fun, comedy and energy and attracted some of the biggest audiences...'' (Brendan Dee – Chairman, Carrick Carnival)

Meet Funky Fi, she's fun, she's funky...


...and just a little bit cheeky. And she's trying to get on top of her 5 metre pole which is a long way up. Can she find a hero in the crowd to help her out?

This is a highly interactive 30 minute street show with lots of comedy, circus skills and acrobatics 16 feet off the ground! Suitable for and enjoyed by all ages.

Setting up the Chinese pole for the street show is very straight forward and requires only 2 anchor points. Have a look at the Tech Specs to find out more.

Hakuna Matata Acrobats

Often defying belief but guaranteeing good humour these acrobats perform mind-boggling manoeuvres and unbelievable acrobatics with broad grins. Acrobatics, contortion, juggling, comedy: this show is a non-stop roller coaster of skill from beginning to end. For more info check out the Hakuna Matata website.

Stilt Walking

A great way to add that visual impact to any festival! Please contact me for available costumes and other details.