''I had a hair stand up on the back of my neck moment...''(Audience member, Firkin Crane)

Doubles Trapeze

5 minute double Trapeze act. Minimum venue height 5.5m. We can supply our own freestanding rig. Please see here for full venue specs.

Chinese Pole

Chinese pole is a 5-8mtr high vertical pole coated in rubber. It quite different from a dancing pole in that it is higher and is used to perform climbs, drops and other acrobatic tricks. The minimum venue height for this act is 5 mtr. See here for Chinese pole full tech specs.

Solo Aerial Silks

Michaela's main solo aerial skill is silks but she can also do hoop or trapeze performances. Aerial silks generally require a minimum height of 5 mtr while hoop or trapeze can be performed on 4 mtr height. Please see here for full aerial tech specs.